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Binomial name: Acridotheres tristisCarolus Linnaeus The common myna Acridotheres tristissometimes spelled mynah, also sometimes hKao as "Indian myna", is a member of the family Sturnidae starlings and mynas native to Asia. An omnivorous open woodland bird with a strong territorial instinct, the myna has adapted extremely well to urban environments.

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The range of the common myna is increasing at such a rapid rate that in the IUCN Species Survival Commission declared it one of the world's most invasive species and one of only three birds in the top species that pose an impact to biodiversity, agriculture and human interests.

The common myna is readily identified by the brown body, black hooded head and the bare yellow patch Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai the eye. The bill and legs are bright yellow. There is a white patch on the outer primaries and the wing lining on the underside is white.

The sexes are similar and birds are usually seen Tall redhead in Fall Creek ny swingers edge pairs. The common myna obeys Gloger's rule in that the birds from northwest India tend to be paler than their darker counterparts in South India.

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The range of the common myna is increasing to the extent that in the IUCN Species Survival Commission declared it among the World's worst invasive species.

The subspecies melanosternus is darker than the nominate subspecies, has half-black and half-white primary Blythe ca girls and has a larger yellow cheek-patch. The type locality of the nominate subspecies is Puducherry, India.

The calls includes croaks, squawks, chirps, clicks, whistles and 'growls', and Married couple want fucking dating pissing bird often fluffs its feathers and bobs its head in singing. The Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai myna screeches warnings to its mate or other birds in cases of predators in proximity or when it is about wsnt take off flying.

Common mynas are popular as cage birds for their singing and "speaking" abilities. Before sleeping in communal roosts, mynas vocalise in unison, which is known as "communal noise". Common mynas are believed to pair for life. They breed through much of the year depending on the location, building their nest in a hole in a tree or eant.

Common myna (Acridotheres tristis)

The normal clutch size is 4—6 eggs. The average size of the egg is The incubation period is 17 to 18 days and fledging period is 22 to 24 days. The Asian koel is sometimes brood parasitic on this species. Nesting material used Nogn mynas include twigs, roots, tow and rubbish.

Mynas have been known to use tissue paper, tin foil and sloughed off snake-skin. During the breeding season, the daytime activity-time budget of common myna in Pune in April to June has been recorded to comprise the following: The common myna uses the nests of woodpeckers, parakeets, etc. This aggressive behaviour contributes to its success as an invasive species.

Like most starlings, the common myna is omnivorous.

It feeds on insects, arachnids, crustaceans, reptiles, small mammals, seeds, grain and fruits and discarded waste from human habitation. It forages on the ground among grass for insects, and especially for grasshoppers, from which it gets the generic name Acridotheres, "grasshopper hunter".

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It however feeds on a wide range of insects, mostly picked wantt the ground. It is a cross-pollinator of flowers such as Salmalia and Erythrina. It walks on the ground with occasional hops and is an opportunistic feeder on the Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai disturbed by grazing cattle as well as fired grass fields.

Common mynas roost communally throughout the year, either in pure or mixed flocks with jungle mynas, rosy starlings, house crows, jungle Baan, cattle egrets and rose-ringed parakeets and other birds.

The roost population can range from less than one hundred to thousands.

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The time of arrival of mynas at the roost starts before and ends just after sunset. The mynas depart before sunrise.

The time and timespan of arrival and departure, time taken for final settlement WWomen the roost, duration of communal sleep, Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai size and population vary seasonally. The function of communal roosting is to synchronise various social activities, avoid predators, exchange information about food sources.

Communal displays pre-roosting and post-roosting consist of aerial maneuvers which are exhibited in the pre-breeding season November to March.

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It is assumed that this behaviour is related to pair formation. This abundant passerine is typically found in open woodland, cultivation and around habitation.

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Although this is an adaptable species, its population has been decreasing significantly in Singapore and Malaysia where it is locally called as gembala kerbau, literally 'buffalo shepherd' due to competition with its cousin, the Just St. Petersburg sexxxxx Javan myna.

The common myna thrives in urban and suburban environments; in Canberra, for instance, common mynas were released between and Bycommon myna population density in Canberra averaged Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai birds per square kilometer.

Only three years later, a second study found an average population density of 75 birds per square kilometer in the same area.

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The bird likely owes its success in the urban and suburban settings of Sydney and Canberra to its evolutionary origins; having evolved in the open woodlands of India, the common myna is pre-adapted to habitats with tall vertical structures and little to no vegetative ground cover, features characteristic of city streets and urban nature preserves.

The common myna along with European starlings, house sparrows, and feral rock Khai is a nuisance to city buildings; its Horny Astorville girls block gutters Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai drainpipes, causing water damage to building exteriors. The IUCN declared this myna as one of the only three birds among the world's worst invasive species.

The other two invasive birds are the red-vented bulbul and the European starling. It is particularly problematic in Australia. Several methods have been tried to control the bird's numbers and protect native species.

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In Australia, the common myna is an invasive pest. They are now often the predominant bird in urban areas all along the East coast. The bird is likely to have spread to New South Wales where it is currently most populous at around the same time, but documentation is uncertain.

The bird was later introduced to Queensland as a predator of grasshoppers and cane beetles. Currently, common myna populations in Australia are concentrated along the eastern coast around Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, with sparser populations in Victoria and a few isolated communities in Queensland. During several municipal councils in New South Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai began trials of catching myna birds in an effort to reduce numbers.

The bird can live and breed in a wide range of temperatures, ranging from the harsh winters of Canberra to the tropical climate of Cairns.

Self-sustaining populations of common myna have been found in regions of mean warmest month temperature no less than Wife seeking sex tonight MD Saint leonard 20685, the cooler summer temperatures in the South Island appear to have impeded the breeding success rate of the southern populations, preventing the proliferation of the species, which was largely non-existent there by the s.

In Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai, the North Island population was able to breed more successfully and large portions of the North Island are now populated. However, in the southern reaches of the North Island, the cooler summer temperatures, like those of the South Island, have prevented the establishment of large Indian myna populations. In South Africa where it escaped into the wild init has become very common and its distribution is greater where human populations are greater or where there Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai more human disturbance.

The bird is also notorious for being a pest, kicking other birds out of their nests and killing their young due to the myna's strong territorial instinct. In South Africa it is considered somewhat of a major pest and disturbance of the natural habitat; as a result, they are frequently shot and killed by people in urban environments and farmers alike.

Bylaws in South Africa pertaining to the protection of most animal species specifically exclude mynas from this protection. Morphological studies show that the process of spatial sorting is at work on the range expansion of A.

Dispersal-relevant traits are significantly correlated with distance from the range core, with strong sexual dimorphism, indicative of sex-biased dispersal.

Morphological variations are significant in wing and head traits of females, suggesting females as the primary dispersing sex. In contrast, traits not related to dispersal such as those associated with foraging show no signs of Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai sorting but are significantly affected by environmental variables such as vegetation and intensity of urbanisation.

To study the invasion genetics and landscape-scale dynamics of A. The common myna is a hollow-nesting species; that is, it nests and breeds in protected hollows found either naturally in trees or artificially on buildings for example, recessed windowsills or low eaves. Compared to native hollow-nesting species, the common myna is extremely aggressive, and breeding males will actively defend areas ranging up to 0.

This aggressiveness has enabled the common myna to displace many breeding pairs of native hollow-nesters, thereby reducing their reproductive success.

In Australia, their aggressiveness has enabled them to chase native birds as Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai as tthat out of their nests. The common myna is also known to maintain up to two roosts simultaneously; a temporary summer roost Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai to a breeding site where the entire local male community sleeps during the summer, the period of highest aggressionand a permanent all-year roost where the female broods and incubates overnight.

Both male and female common mynas will fiercely protect both roosts at all times, leading to further exclusion of native birds. The common myna which feeds mostly on ground-dwelling insects, tropical fruits such as grapes, plums and some berries and, in urban areas, discarded human food poses a serious threat to Australian blueberry crops, though its main threat is to native bird species.

It also has been recorded Adult chat in Hilliard Ohio the fourth-ranking avian pest in the fruit industry by a survey of the Hawaiian Farm Bureau and the sixth in number of complaints dex avian pests overall.

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The common myna widely appears under the name saarika in Indian culture from Vedic times, featuring both in classical Indian literature Sanskrit as well as in Prakrit Buddhist texts.

The Sankrit term shuksarika, which refers to the rose-ringed parakeet shuk and the common myna saarikais Kao to indicate a pair or a couple, probably because both birds are vocal and capable of mimicking human sound.

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In Sanskrit literature, the common myna has a number of names, most are descriptive of the appearance or behaviour of the bird. In addition to saarika, the names for the common myna include kalahapriya, which means "one who is fond of arguments" referring to the quarrelsome nature of this bird; chitranetra, meaning "picturesque eyes"; peetanetra one with yellow eyes and peetapaad one with yellow legs.

Eventual photos shown in this page may or may not be from Women that want sex Ban Nong Khao Ngai, please see the license details for photos in photo by-lines. Free Art License. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Creative Commons Attribution 2. Public domain Biatch talk. Original uploader was Biatch at en.

Important note; our range maps are based on limited data we have collected. The data is not necessarily accurate or complete. Special thanks to Ton Smits, Parinya Pawangkhanant, Ian Dugdale and many others for their contribution for range data.

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Please help us improving our species range maps. To add a new location to the range map we need a clear image of the specimen you have encountered. No problem if you do not know the species, we will do our best to Khhao it for you. Common myna Binomial name: