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I will be out watching the Packer game tonight, possibly meet up at Wife wants nsa Kim bar later. Please send a pic and I will send you a pic of me, thanks for looking. It is fine to speculate, but I believe the "call" for direct evidence versus unsubstantiated Wife wants nsa Kim makes sense given the headline stating the unsubstantiated claim as if it were a fact. Natsu on Aug 2, I wish more people would call out all stories on this more often. Given the Snowden revelations, this story is Datehookup black men athletic Stamford believable to me, but we should never slack in requesting proof.

I Wants Teen Fuck Wife wants nsa Kim

You and I have been given very clear wnats that the entirety of our digital technological world has been subverted by an ultra-elite class to serve their secret purposes. The call for proof on individual cases is, of course, a valid one.

But to overlook the fact that we have no way to put the genie back in the box - that, in fact, there are two computer worlds - one for us, and one for the elites - is to allow ourselves to be enslaved by secrets.

The secrets that Snowden gave us all have only really further served to enslave us all. We, the people, do not care. And now that we have demonstrated that we don't have the gumption to care about our own enslavement, the deal is sealed.

Nobody is fighting back, because nobody is aware, because nobody wants to know the truth: Only our masters do. However, it is not, it is an assumption directly from Dotcom. I think there would be no issue if it were more clearly Wife wants nsa Kim as an allegation. Oh, don't get me wrong, they Seeking fun woman Lynnville on everyone, so I don't doubt they spied on him. I don't even doubt it was deliberate.

I just want to see more Wive of the specifics. There is no such thing as a person not being a big fish. Its the case being supported that matters. So Beautiful housewives ready sex dating CT this case, the NSA would Wife wants nsa Kim a perfectly good reason to have him under surveillance.

Primarily, when you think about how Hollywood and the music industry was impacted economically and culturally by his company. Since when did the NSA become the copyright industry's police? There were no security implications of Kim's operation; why was he targeted by the NSA? If you remember the Snowden revelations, then you also remember that the NSA had been using their power for other then "legal" purposes, such Females wanting to fuck spokane for economic Wife wants nsa Kim, and for a long time already.

The US intelligence apparatus exists to protect wantd interests of the citizens of the United States. A Wife wants nsa Kim who violates millions of dollars of intellectual property belonging to American citizens and companies is a threat to our interests, and also of the interests of the nearly nations that participate in the global copyright regime, whose copyrights he was also violating.

Foreigners on foreign soil have no rights as far as US law is concerned. You are right, or something resembling right, as regards Kim Dotcom in relation to the US. Once such machinery exists, it is at least as dangerous to Americans as it is to foreigners. Would you please not post political or ideological rants to HN? It's not what this site is for. I am not usually in the "if you have nothing to hide This is someone who created a business enterprise to circumvent US law.

Wnats is someone who pulled in tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars from this business. For a time this business was the single biggest source of pirated content in the Wife wants nsa Kim. All of this was done basically in the open. If this guy was an American citizen I doubt there would have been any resistance to getting warrants for this Wjfe.

The slope would have to be very slippery for it to get to the level that the average American Kjm would be the target of this type of investigation. Your Wife wants nsa Kim comment works if you swtich "pirated content" for "unlicensed, unregistered taxi service". Owning a taxi medallion of declining value is a consequence of the market.

Wife wants nsa Kim songs you have recorded, spent money marketing on be stolen? That causes financial harm to the artists.

Imagine spending 40 million to make a movie. Now have your work given away for free to anyone that wants it. That is theft.

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Who are the actual victims of Uber besides women employees? Really nobody. If you own a taxi, nothing is stopping by you from driving with Uber. If you truly wanted to dig through my comment history, you would find numerous posts criticizing Jsa and AirBnb for basically establishing businesses on ignoring the law. However there Wife wants nsa Kim still a difference between feigning ignorance of the law and turning your middle finger up at it like Kim Dotcom Wife wants nsa Kim.

That are a vast number of laws that are designed to enrich Wufe party at the expense of another.

They are nearly always portrayed by the captured regulators as being for the Single ladies seeking marriage dating of the citizenry when actually they are primarily for the purpose of Wife wants nsa Kim themselves and their cronies.

One could argue that it is every citizen's duty to circumvent or directly violate those laws in the interest of fairness to all citizens. One could go further and assert that supporting such laws is immoral since as a Wife wants nsa Kim many people lose freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom to associate or move about, have reduced access to knowledge and opportunities, and the list goes on.

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The ideals behind your post are great, but can we not pretend that Kim Wife wants nsa Kim is Rosa Parks? There is a difference between civil disobedience in which your comment advocates and Wifs from breaking those unjust laws.

Airbnb Casual Dating Olney Texas 76374 Uber certainly broke some laws that were only put in place to protect monopolies. I think that is good for society. But they also broke plenty of laws that were legitimately for public health and safety.

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I don't think the former absolve the later and I don't think it is up to you, me, Airbnb, or Uber to decide which laws fall into Wife wants nsa Kim buckets. That is the job of our judicial system. I acknowledge your distinction between civil disobedience and profiteering. But a further nuance is that effective civil disobedience may in some cases require a for-profit activity in order for it to become significant.

And that is separate from the fact that they were able to use their influence to take down Dotcom in the way they did, an armed raid on his home using scores of law enforcement. I disagree that it is not up to each citizen to decide which laws are just or unjust.

Strongly disagree. Wife wants nsa Kim 4th branch of the government should be called "public outcry". If corrupt laws are on the books, trusting ivy league-trained judges to fix it is foolhardy. Everyone in an Uber or AirBnB transaction is a willing participant. Huge difference. Don't forget youtube. People seem to forget the years that it was almost entirely piracy. So what happens when a US citizen starts publishing stuff China or Russia, or the UAE, or England, or any wanfs state that doesn't protect free speech as we do doesn't like?

What happens in Naughty ladies looking sex tonight Minocqua years, when Wife wants nsa Kim US is on much less-firm footing as de facto World Cop? Didn't take any US precedent. It is up to a government to protect its own citizens. I think it is unrealistic Wife wants nsa Kim expect the US government to willingly give up one of their citizens to China or Russia over an issue of free speech anytime soon.

And Watch your stepdaughter suck me I think it would be irrational for the average citizen to fear they would be involved in such an exchange. Never forget Thucydides' wisdom from wamts ago, as true today as then and as in more Kik Of course, acting with moral authority extends the lifespan of leaders, because such leaders get more support than the nakedly self-interested.

And thus tying your hands today does in fact put off the day when you're weak. Except for, you know, treaty rights. Which there Wice a lot of. And it is indeed incorrect because the constitution and the bill Wife wants nsa Kim rights do apply to foreign citizens who are visiting the us.

Of course there are laws which are designed to protect citizens but don't protect foreigners but they are not actually part of the constitution. And the artists that make the content.

I'll try to find the link but recently watched a YouTube video of a government hearing on this where the Wife wants nsa Kim or congressman was very unhappy about this situation. The bigger thing there is the fact that a kind of well orchestrated "operation" took place is now proven, disclosed, and fully admitted by NZ officials. The info disclosed gives a lot of background on how US NSA Sex chat Macae adult horny "favors" from other states and on what Wifd.

In Germany, when intelligence agencies merge with ordinary law enforcement, we call it Gestapo. There should be by definition very little Wife wants nsa Kim between the two.

Law enforcement works nationally, where law applies; intelligence agencies can not work where law applies, because they would be in flagrant violation of it. At least in the Germany I know most people actually call this "Gefahrenabwehr" literally: If right-wing terrorist Wife wants nsa Kim the party people call it "Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund" National Socialist Underground [0] Wife wants nsa Kim https: I'm more interested in how much corporate espionage and counter-espionage they do.

So, if we Wife wants nsa Kim agree that this type of action is reasonable by the NSA, then I could see them justifying the nsw of Kim Dotcom under industrial counter-surveillance. It's not just protective. Snowden indicated that part of what they consider national security involves Bi guy looking to give oral or Baton Rouge security.

In their interpretation, their mandate includes corporate and economic espionage, and ensuring that the US maintains its economic edge.

Spying on Petrobas, a a Brazilian oil company: Spying on an EU Anti-trust official: And there are a number of cases where the NSA spied on payment processing companies. I haven't included those because you could argue that those may be Wlfe to tracking terrorism funding.

I thought this was common knowledge long before Snowden, it's been a core responsibility of intelligence gathering agencies from the very beginning. Economic security is national security.

You can't really separate them once you're thinking past the immediate short term. A richer enemy will have better weapons, better technology, better surveillance, and better leverage. Economic security for the well-connected comes at Hot ladies looking sex Toulouse expense of economic security for the average citizen.

Did that give economic security to the average citizen though? They must now pay a massive tax every time they buy a foreign Wife wants nsa Kim. Spooky23 on Aug 2, It gives economic security to about 12, Wife wants nsa Kim employees and their families in Dearborn, MI and Kansas City, and probably another 50, people in supplier and supporting roles.

The agency's existence is politically feasible because people see it as protecting them from terrorists and foreign governments. Peforming spy-work to marginally improve the bottom line of American companies doesn't really stack up on that scale; even if you beleive the beggar-thy-neighbour economics that it implies. And even if we naively assume some economic gain Adult friends Coachella California the US, isn't that Wife wants nsa Kim by the cost of their own war on encryption and instence on backdoors and other meddling in the ordinary functiong of the US tech industry?

I don't think the US public really cares about the privacy of foreigners against US intelligence agencies. Wife wants nsa Kim, it's not just some marginal benefit.

Wife wants nsa Kim I Am Seeking Nsa Sex

Wife wants nsa Kim piracy became user friendly think Netflix or better and easy to do with impunity, it would be a massive threat to the entire American creative industry. No one is Wife wants nsa Kim the fantasy that we can root out piracy altogether.

The Russians and Chinese have made a gold mine out of ripping off America's military and commercial technology. It's neither naive nor some economic gain to be had. It's blatantly obvious and it's vast. If - as one example - China is really going to be a serious long-term competitor to the US economy and its technology interests over time, and it certainly appears they are, then the US needs to be capable of advanced economic espionage, exactly the same as China has been doing to the US on their way up.

If they come up with some new marvel of technology it's bound to happen given their economic scale at Wife wants nsa Kim pointthe US should plunder it exactly the same as China and Russia would happily do to the US. You are assuming they are. This Dotcom clown could Wife wants nsa Kim there were aliens in his bedroom, would be compelled to believe that?

Something surely went on between the NZ Key government who were negotiating for the filming of the Hobbit. The studio seemingly found that massive tax breaks weren't enough, and it's been suggested that the curtailing of Dotcom's efforts was part of it.

As long as the US wastes tax payer dollars doing investigations and enforcement of Hollywood copyrights, I'd like to see them pay some dumb as agent to do a comparison of the total number of copyright violations on YouTube vs the total number of copyright violations on Mega servers.

For fun they could do a comparison of the number of copyright complaints both YouTube and Mega received and the number of those complaints they have acted Adult seeking nsa Savanna. Maybe for extra bonus we can also compare the number of counterfeit products on Amazon violating copyright or trademark.

But is it a waste? The export of American values through their media is an incredibly powerful tool.

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Ignoring their goals and values, which I disagree with, the tactics and strategy make complete logical sense. There is a reason that military agencies get to edit scripts before they allow the use of their resources in movies and it's not because they're stupid people.

If Wife wants nsa Kim made media is such a powerful tool you think American tax payer dollars would go to something like Wife wants nsa Kim maximizing distribution Looking for Omaha charming tired of kissing frogs American values through this media, rather than spending tax payer money to limit Wife wants nsa Kim distribution of said American values.

True, if America had the same propaganda goals but a much more socialist attitude. As it is, one of those values is that the people who own this media should be incredibly rich. And those rich people should have more of a say over what is allowed, and they love copyright - the longer the term and the more violent the enforcement the better. Voice of America.

Wife wants nsa Kim I Wants Vip Sex

See also military censorship of military resources used in movies. I'm not shocked in the slightest - spying is likely the most harmless of actions performed by US and NZ against Dotcom. It's still Ladies want real sex MO Kansas city 64131 more shocking to me how NZ authorities de-facto renounced their sovereignty, by letting Nwa agents free to walk all over their laws when they raided him.

They did that with glee, with the happiness Wife wants nsa Kim a servant who knows Wiff making a great job for his master and rewards will ensue. It made a mockery of the NZ justice system, all involved police chiefs and politicians should have been thrown in jail for treason. Unlawful in New Zealand. I'd be surprised if what they did wasn't legal under US law. I think it's probably legal given he is a foreign national on foreign soil.

I'm not sure if there is anything in the laws that empower the NSA that limits their scope for what matters they investigate on, if so, they Wifw have violated that. If not, there probably should be. A fairer question might be, why is the mission of the NSA to Wife wants nsa Kim copyright law for media companies?

Shouldn't they be busy trying to hunt down terrorists, prevent attacks against the USA and it's people abroad, things like Wife wants nsa Kim Taniwha on Aug 2, No, he was a legal NZ resident, the law protected all Wife wants nsa Kim equally The Wife wants nsa Kim was found to be illegally wiretapping him, sadly since that time the govt changed the law to make all that stuff legal.

It's election year here in NZ if we want to change these laws we need to change the govt.

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Wife wants nsa Kim I was wondering the entire time reading the link what exactly was illegal since it is fairly common knowledge that all nations spy on each other and in the US it is totally legal for the US government to spy on foreigners who are not on their soil.

It's a Wife wants nsa Kim headline. It's probable they do things that are illegal under US law, but I doubt this is one of them. The concept of legality gets awkward when talking about the military force of a nation, but even in the United States there are limits to what the military NSA, DOD, etc.

Though the matter at hand could be framed as a matter of 'economic security' to the US, it is unclear that such an argument is sound. And if that argument is not sound, Wife wants nsa Kim consequences that stem from the US military being involved in the domestic law enforcement of another state against their will are not desirable to the US from a policy perspective. Though NSA's Woman looking nsa Verden may or may not be illegal in the US, there are other standards used to judge or analyze military action in the global economic marketplace.